Audiology Services


An audiologist is a professional who has a post-graduate degree in the diagnosis, prevention, and rehabilitative treatment of hearing and balance disorders.

Services are provided for all ages, serving young children through the geriatric population, and she sees self referrals as well as outside referrals from physicians and related practitioners.

Services Offered

In House comprehensive audiological testing is available such as Visual Reinforcement Audios, Auditory Brainstem Evoked Response or ABR, and Otoacoustic Emissions or OAE ¬†After the initial assessment the audiologist will advise a course of action appropriate for each individual’s needs, and discuss in detail your specific case. Fitting of state of the art digital hearing instruments and use of bluetooth and other accessories may be explained. Fitting of custom plugs for surgical, noise, or musicians’ needs, and advice on noise reduction and industrial noise issues may be obtained. When appropriate, referral for evaluation of related issues may be made.

Products and Related Links

Quality digital hearing instruments and accessory products can be be an important part of maintaining overall hearing health. Hearing instruments from Oticon and ReSound, and different accessories and hearing protectors are used with great success. In addition, there are a large number of Assistive Listening Devices to help all stages of hearing impairment in a variety of ways. The audiologist can assist you in designing an overall plan for your needs, and detailed product brochures will be provided for the items appropriate for your care. Below are some links that can provide additional information.

Oticon Hearing Instruments

American Academy of Audiology

American Speech and Hearing Association

Contact Information

Phone:  (318) 322-9882 Ext 4

Glenwood Medical Mall

102 Thomas Road Suite 117

West Monroe, LA 71291

Audiology Services Available at the Following Times

1 PM to 5 PM Monday*

8 AM to 5 PM Tuesday & Wednesday*

Not Available Thursday or Friday*

*These hours are for the Audiologist only


Patients are seen by appointment only , please phone and let us know how we can help you. You may leave a message directly with the audiologist at Extension 4 and she will return the call, or you may follow the prompt for the receptionist at Extension 1 to make an appointment.