ClearSounds Amplified Power Neckloop Accessory CLA7v2

ClearSounds Amplified Power Neckloop Accessory CLA7v2


Would you like to ride exciting wave of technology?  We sure hope your answer is yes!

It’s about time you get out there and experience all there is to offer.  One simple connection from your CLA7v2 to your hearing aid now you’ve got the “Master Key” to connectivity.

Your handy and hands-free device is powered by AAA batteries, delivers approximately 200 hours of operation, provides an adjustable amplification up to 30dB and eliminates interference between cell phones and hearing aid processors.

The CLA7v2 is an amplified powered neckloop that reduces or eliminates interference between cellular and t-coil hearing aids/cochlear processors. It provides hands-free calls with great sound quality and up to 30dB amplification for corded, cordless and cellular phones. Now users do not need to have multiple headsets or switch headsets for different activities.

CLA7v2 Features

  • Free Tech Support For Life of the Product
  • Eco Friendly
  • One device – multiple applications: cellular phones, home/office phones, laptop computers, portable gaming devices, iPods, Personal / TV Listening equipment and other audio devices
  • No need to purchase multiple headsets or switch audio headsets between different activities
  • Approximately 200 hours of operation on 2 AAA batteriesReduces or eliminates interference between cellular and hearing aid /cochlear processors
  • Best sound quality
  • T-coil compatible
  • Binaural design
  • Push-button slider to cinch neckloop for closer microphone placement
  • Trouble-free operation
  • Offers a 30 dB max gain
  • Rotary volume control for easy adjustment and multiple levels of amplification
  • Built-in microphone
  • Quick release feature
  • Battery powered with (2) AAA batteries
  • Color: Black
  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Download CLA7V2 Brochure